This has been quite a learning curve-who knew so much time, energy and cost went into what seems like the simplest of tasks?


In my head I knew what I wanted and had researched and drawn so many images, however, it turned out that what I wanted was never going to happen unless I was buying 10,000 bottles. As a new indie brand that was only just launching this level of ordering  was never going to be in my reach so I kept on researching instead and revised what I wanted from a bottle.

After A LOT of research, I decided that a dark bottle would be the best option due to the nature of my ingredients and ‘Miron VioletGlass’ would be the best option.

To be honest I thought they would be like all the other companies and wanting me to purchase thousands…. How wrong was I!

Miron were brilliant and promptly replied to my query about the minimum order quantity. To my surprise this was very low and I remember them saying they want to help and be available for smaller brands which was music to my ears.

Not only did they have a friendly and helpful customer service but I loved their ethos and the quality of the bottles.

So…. let me share with you the reasons why I chose to go with ‘Miron VioletGlass’

1) Location: They are based in Holland where the products are made and distributed to us directly.

2) Properties: Their Violet glass, otherwise known as biophotonic glass, helps to protect natural ingredients from the sun’s harmful rays.

-The bottle has a premium, luxury feel and it is said the royal colour represents the harmony of the universe, because of its combination of red and blue (Yin and yang)

3) Sustainability: They use eco-friendly products made from natural raw materials. Reusable and 100% recyclable packaging is something we at Leonie Botanics are passionate about and do our very best always to make sure we are as planet earth friendly as possible.

I have also learnt that  Miron VioletGlass are working on new bottle closures, making them more sustainable so they are easier to recycle as some parts of the UK will have different guidelines, so always best to check with your local council.

If you would like to read up more on Miron I have attached the link here.

Ink Printing

Our screen printing on the bottles is done by local a business and the ink is all vegan friendly 


As with our ink printing, our boxes are printed and made by a local company- an important part of our ethos is to support and use local businesses as much as possible – this helps the local economy as well as the planet. The boxes are fully recyclable.

Thank you note

You will notice in your deliveries you’ll receive a thank you card on biodegradable seeded paper; please plant it where and when you can or give to a family member or friend if you don’t have the space. When they bloom the wildflowers will help the bees and butterflies pollinate our trees and flowers.  These tiny creatures play such an important role in our everyday life we need them to survive. They maintain our planet and if they become extinct especially due to use of toxic pesticides then planet earth will be in trouble, they are small but oh so powerful.

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